sorry i couldn’t help it
I know I look good when my sister says she’s embarrassed to be seen in public with me
so i had just opened a beer and went outside to smoke. what i thought was a bee wouldn’t stop flying around me but i think nbd and ignore it. i go inside and take a sip when i feel something hard and weird in my mouth. of course i spit whatever it is out;  it turns out to be a fucking wasp and on it’s way out it stings my bottom lip.
thank god it didn’t swell to cartoonish proportion but my bottom teeth/lip/chin area is still throbbing hours later
that is the highlight of my day
well my car is about to explode and my sea monkeys never hatchedbut i smell like sex and feel a hell of a lot better than i did this time last week
Trying really hard to feel good about myself today
I have no idea what’s going on
Lol my neck is broken
cute lil bruises
such a good fucking weekend
i got a present