so i had just opened a beer and went outside to smoke. what i thought was a bee wouldn’t stop flying around me but i think nbd and ignore it. i go inside and take a sip when i feel something hard and weird in my mouth. of course i spit whatever it is out;  it turns out to be a fucking wasp and on it’s way out it stings my bottom lip.
thank god it didn’t swell to cartoonish proportion but my bottom teeth/lip/chin area is still throbbing hours later
that is the highlight of my day
well my car is about to explode and my sea monkeys never hatchedbut i smell like sex and feel a hell of a lot better than i did this time last week
Trying really hard to feel good about myself today
Lol my neck is broken
such a good fucking weekend
I am listening to Fiona and doing dumb things to my hair
i took this ten hours ago, there really is no point in posting it now
i don’t know why i bother taking pictures of myself when i can’t even imagine anything more boring to look at 
going to get qdoba and see sharknado in a bit, yayyy
ughhh i don’t want to work today
i just want to turn my brain off
nope still haven’t left the house yet
dammnnn just now noticed this, no wonder the guy sitting next to me at work kept giving me weird looks yesterday