I have no idea what’s going on

I was looking through old flash files and remembered this background animation loop that was cut short in the final video.

by Andrew Archer
Lol my neck is broken

I did the artwork for this song.

Growths found on the skin of white-tailed deer are called fibromas. They are commonly referred to as skin tumors, or simply warts. These growths do not hurt the deer since they are usually non-cancerous tumors called either fibromas or papillomas. In both cases, the warts or tumors are caused by viruses. The difference between the two is that fibromas grow either from the skin or from the layer beneath, while papillomas grow only from the skin. An infection with fibromas is called fibromatosis.

St. Martin in the Caribbean 2014 - Noah on flickr

Jung Love

Fox frozen within ice